Salaš 011 catering provides a food delivery service, both to individuals and firms or companies. The focus of this segment of our business is on the territory of New Belgrade and Zemun. Delivery time for these territories is on average of one hour from the moment of ordering. For the rest of the city, an agreement is needed in advance, because it is in our best interest to get you hot and fresh food at an agreed time. All of our meals are under the watchful eye of our nutritionist who gives his professional grade and recommendation on every meal on our menu. With careful selection of foods, expert food preparation, courtesy of our operators and drivers, we provide our clients with the possibility of quality and healthy nutrition at a time when this is not so easy. Our goal is to ensure that our clients with confidence and ease, without worry, can say “yes, I’m healthy! yes, I am eating at Salaš 011, and that my diet is their concern and obligation “. The choice of meals is such that it meets all your needs in terms of nutrition and different flavors. The standard offer includes breakfast with eggs, tortillas, sandwiches, soups, broths, cooked meals, grill, fish, salads, desserts and drinks. Every day we offer a meal of days that is cooked only on that day and does not have it in the standard offer.


Salaš 011 catering is able to offer professional catering services for all kinds of celebrations. Catering for children’s birthdays, catering for business celebrations, catering for cocktails, catering for family meetings, catering for weddings and everything else that comes to your mind. Catering is done on the territory of the city of Belgrade. Catering services include the delivery of food, serving, providing a complete inventory and other professional catering equipment for serving food and beverages. If necessary, we also provide uniformly qualified staff for service, food preservation and more.


In a case the company you work for have  needs for food delivery at a specific time for employees, Salaš 011 offers a number of benefits for this type of service. We make a special menu depending on your needs and wishes. It means delivering food to construction sites, delivering food in offices everyday, delivering food to movie sets, and more. We deliver food either in non-returnable containers or in special containers for transport of food. The possibility of paying through the account, more favorable prices for a number of meals.

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